Today’s business climate is too competitive and volatile to let intuition guide business decisions. “Going with your gut” or “we have always done it this way” decisions on pricing, negotiations and client management can create real problems for even the healthiest of businesses.

Glass Box Analytics brings together advanced statistical modeling techniques with deep industry domain expertise to provide solutions that address the most challenging issues facing businesses on a day to day basis. Insights derived from data help our clients shape business decisions and improve business performance.

Founding principles:

  • Employ the best of technology
  • Use domain expertise to create sensible solutions to complicated problems
  • Create solutions that are transparent and comprehensive
  • Create solutions that are immune to manipulation while remaining transparent

Glass Box Analytics has proven expertise in developing and delivering pioneering analytics-enabled applications that bring together the best of technology and domain knowledge. We help businesses improve precision, consistency and flexibility in their high-volume, high-dollar systems.

Who is Glass Box Analytics

Glass Box Analytics represents a strategic joint venture between Pathria Analytics LLC and ChainDrugStore.net:

Pathria Analytics – Bringing the scientific rigor of predictive analytics to create solutions that tackle the most complex decision-management challenges. Employing advanced statistical modeling techniques to extract meaningful and actionable insights from data. Pathria Analytics is a solutions company with proven expertise in developing and delivering pioneering analytics-enabled applications to transform critical decision processes for our clients.

PharmacyFocus – We believe cloud-based enterprise applications designed to optimize your pharmacy relationships can improve both efficiencies and patient services. For over 15 years, PharmacyFocus has provided industry leaders with network management, data collection, communication, contracting, finance, and technology services. We have transformed the way companies interact with pharmacies, providing the industry’s only Pharmacy Relationship Management (PRM) technology solution.

What makes Glass Box Analytics unique?

Innovation – Through the combination of technology and domain expertise, Glass Box Analytics challenges the “status quo” to deliver innovative solutions to long standing, complex industry problems.

Collaboration – Glass Box Analytics brings together industry stakeholders to participate in the design, development and implementation of solutions. The success of a solution to a complex industry problem is reliant on its acceptance and adoption by key stakeholders.

Flexibility – Glass Box Analytics develops its solutions to be flexible and adapt to the ever changing needs of businesses and the industries they represent. Any good solution must be capable of evolving quickly and meet the demands of the client.